The360 is everything

It’s your reset, your opportunity to regenerate, be rejuvenated, and re-educate your body and mind to work in the beautiful, natural synchronicity that can often be compromised by modern living.

Brought to you by Teri-Ann Carty and Phoebe Liebling.

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The360 Baja - The Desert by the Sea


March 26 2023 - April 1 2023


6 nights (7 days)


Yandara Retreat, Baja, Mexico

Come join us in sunny and beautiful Baja, Mexico for 6 nights (7 days) while we practice yoga, explore the power we have over our body’s functioning, relax, and feast in the desert by the sea.

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The Founders

Is your interaction with your environment a relationship that fortifies you? Or does it leave you feeling drained?

Although their journeys of discovery and the language with which they describe this is vastly different, our communication with the world we live in and how this impacts our wellbeing is the key, underlying thread that both founders know is integral for whole body, mind and spirit health.

With a combined experience of 20 years as experts in their respective fields Phoebe and Teri want The360 to be your opportunity to discover this too.  

Each The360 retreat is carefully crafted to harmoniously combine Phoebe’s specialist knowledge as a clinician with Teri’s unique chakra based yoga practice. Every guest will leave with both the empowering knowledge that underlies why we make change, as well as the physical experience of what that change feels like.

Human vulnerability and individuality are things that often get lost in the noise of modern life, encouraging people that they must try to fit themselves into moulds that they might not comfortably fit within. Again each founder has their own story which has been integral to their personal evolution, and it’s this empathy, along with their mild obsessions with incredibly delicious nourishing food, that bought them together in the first place.

Their positive energy is infectious, and they cannot wait to accompany on your very own The360 adventure.

Phoebe Liebling
Nutritional Therapist BSc (Hons) DipNT
Product & Recipe Developer
Teri-Ann Carty
Yoga Instructor
Food Photorgapher & Recipe Developer