Second Spring Lakehouse view in Bourton-on-the-Water
Second Spring Lakehouse view in Bourton-on-the-WaterSecond Spring Lakehouse view in Bourton-on-the-Water

The360 Shorts: Hormone Health (Spring)

with Teri-Ann Carty and Phoebe Liebling.

Welcome to the hormone health event of the year! The first of our shorter offerings, this 5 day, 4 night retreat promises to be the ultimate deep dive into all things hormone related. In addition to The360 founders Phoebe Liebling and TeriAnn Carty we are delighted to announce that 2 additional experts; Anthea Bell and Samantha Hadadi, will be joining us as part our of leadership team for this event. Please see the Diving Deeper section for more information on our leaders.

What to expect

Logistical bits


By Train: The closest train station is Moreton-on-Marsh. It is then 25-30 minutes by bus (Route 801) or 15-20 minutes by taxi to The Lakehouse.

We can provide local minicab numbers if you need these.

By Car: Follow GPS directions to Bury Barn Lane, GL54 2HB.

At the end of the lane, drive past Burybarn Farm and Cottages. Continue driving until you see a farmhouse gate with a silver post box on the gate post. There is a cotswold green sign saying Burybarn Second Spring Lakehouse.

There is ample parking on site.


The entire menu will be designed and cooked by The360 co-founders Phoebe and TeriAnn bar our last supper together. This will be made for us by highly acclaimed private chef Ben Axford. Those who enjoy the BBC's Masterchef might recognise him as a finalist from 2007.

A keen focus will be placed on seasonal organic produce, with ingredients and eating habits specifically designed to optimise hormonal wellbeing.

All dietary requirements and preferences can be catered for, we will ask you to provide these when booking.

Kit List & Further Information

We will provide a full kit list 30 days before the retreat is due to start.

A Day In The360 Life


Certain elements of the below may be adapted ever so slightly but our planned itinerary is as follows.

Links to pre-book 1:1 sessions with our 4 leaders and additional treatments including massages and facials will be provided in your booking confirmation email. 1:1 sessions are included in your ticket price, additional treatments will be charged individually.

Thursday 23rd May

5-6pm: Arrive at Second Spring Lakehouse

6.45pm: Welcome dinner

8pm: Yin yoga with TeriAnn

Friday 24th May

7am: Pre-yoga drinks and snacks available

7.45am: Yoga with TeriAnn: Discovering Your Foundation. The Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

9am: Breakfast

10.30am: Workshop with Phoebe: Dietary and Lifestyle Foundations for Hormone Health.

12.30pm: Lunch

4-6pm: Meditative movement and Cacao Ceremony with Anthea

6.45pm: Dinner

8pm: Yin yoga with TeriAnn

Saturday 25th May

7am: Pre-yoga drinks and snacks available

7.45am: Yoga with TeriAnn: Finding Your Voice. The Heart and Throat Chakras.

9am: Breakfast

10.30am: Free time for treatments and 1:1 sessions

12.30pm: Lunch

2pm: Group walk (optional) or free time to sit in the gardens, have treatments, swim in the lake or just relax

4-6pm: Free time for treatments and 1:1 sessions

6.45pm: Dinner

8pm: Yin yoga with TeriAnn

Sunday 26th May

7am: Pre-pilates drinks and snacks available

7.45am: Pilates with Anthea: Finding Strength with Ease

9am: Breakfast

10.30am: Women's Circle with Samantha: Healing Through Shared Experience.

12.30pm: Lunch

2pm: Free time for treatments and 1:1 sessions

5pm: Workshop with Anthea: Integrative techniques to enhance health and wellbeing.

6.45pm: Celebratory last supper

8pm: Yin yoga with TeriAnn

Monday 27th May

7am: Pre-yoga drinks and snacks available

7.45am: Yoga with TeriAnn: Manifesting Your Dreams. The Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

9am: Breakfast

10-11am: Pack up and say goodbye!

Diving Deeper

The core of The360 is that we are holistic health retreats with a difference.

Bringing together elements you would expect such as twice daily movement practices with beautifully nourishing food, but then combining them with a dedication to health education. We want your time with us to be both an immersive reset and also just the start of your journey.

The360: Hormone Health promises to be just that, brining together 4 experts in this field for a truly whole, mind and body experience.

A Little Intro To Our Expert Leaders:

The360 Co-Founders

Phoebe Liebling is a world renowned Nutritional Therapist and Health Entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in clinical practice. Her unique, education centric, functional medicine approach to healthcare having gained her significant worldwide acclaim. Her passion for hormonal wellbeing stems from a personal journey with hormonal failure in her early 20s. This deep understanding of how hormonal health underlies systemic wellness is something that she will be sharing with us in detail! She will also be in charge of the menu for the retreat, hosting group workshops, and offering 1:1 sessions to all guests as part of their booking.

TeriAnn Carty is a food photographer, recipe creator and yoga teacher with over 25 years of experience. TeriAnn's practice is incredibly personal, with her students regularly highlighting that they can feel her investment in their individual needs during her classes. Her specialities are too numerous to count but in the mornings she will take us through Chakra Flow yoga which weaves together the emotional, physical and spiritual body into asana practice. In the evenings Teri will then show us the softer side of our practice with her beautiful Yin yoga sessions too. She will also be offering 1:1s to all of our guests, and absolutely combining forces with Phoebe in the kitchen!

Our Guest Leaders

Anthea Bell is an Embodiment Coach, specialising in mind~body integration and powerful mindset optimisation. Her work is centred around empowerment, helping to cultivate and enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of everyone she works with. She began her career as a Pilates Instructor specialising in rehabilitation, supporting those with chronic pain, athletic injury, hormonal / immune dysregulation and emotional trauma. It was here that her passion for mind-body connection was sparked. Nothing is separate; our unprocessed thoughts, beliefs and emotions have a profound impact on our bodies - from hormonal health upward to physical performance.

Anthea's work seamlessly weaves these aspects together. Combining movement, mindfulness, somatics and developmental coaching to create opportunities for profound personal change. Facilitating with ceremonial cacao has become one of her favourite forms of spiritual support as this beautifully ties these aspects together with an experience of true nourishment. She will provide group pilates, Cacao and mindset coaching during the weekend, as well as offering these 1:1 for our guests.

Samantha Hadadi is a Women's Health and Hormone Coach with additional training as a Womb Healer. To say Samantha is a master of her craft undersells her skill level, but that is how all who work with her would attempt to describe the incredible process of working with her. Samantha was led into this field after a series of traumatic hormone and reproductive personal experiences, and her journey into unravelling these is something she shares freely to help others see such signs in themselves. She has an unwavering passion for education around hormonal health, really bringing to the forefront the idea that we are supposed to live in harmony with our hormones, not be controlled or impeded by them. Samantha will be joining forces with Phoebe for some of our workshops in addition to leading her own sessions and offering 1:1s. To be in Samantha's presence is to understand her truly incredible ability to create a safe and healing space, and we cannot wait for you to experience this.

Choose your accommodation

We have a total of 10 guest spaces for this incredible event, organised over 5 large bedrooms. Each bedroom can host 2 guests, either in a shared king/double bed, or as 2 twin beds.

When booking your spot please note whether you are joining us by yourself or with another guest(s), and if you wish to share with another guest(s) whether you would like the room to be set up with twin beds or a shared bed.

If you are joining us alone we will pop you together with another wonderful solo guest.

Included in your ticket price:
  • All food and drink, accommodation, activities and  1:1 sessions with Phoebe, TeriAnn, Anthea or Samantha.
Not included in your ticket price: 
  • Any additional treatments including facials and massage. We will provide a full list of available treatments in your confirmation email at the time of booking.
A 50% non-refundable payment is required to secure your spot. The remaining balance will be invoiced for settlement 40 days before the retreat is due to begin.
Accommodation not yet available.
Accommodation not yet available